$25 iTunes Giveaway to say THANKS!

To watch video please go to the bottom of screen and pause the music.

Highlights in video:
I am offering a $25 iTunes gift card.

And participating in the BlogFrog 4th Of July Challenge.

Sorry, as with anything free there is a little catch...

To win you must start a discussion in my blogfrog community (sidebar on right).

You don't have to have a blog to participate, but you have to sign up with blogfrog to join my community.

The person who has the most comments by July 4th at midnight will win my iTunes gift card.

Good luck!!

Thanks so much for being such loyal followers of my little ole blog. Sending virtual hugs out your way.


  1. We LOVED your vlog! You did great and it was fun to see you "in person". lol at being called at the end "mom"...most distracting. great recovery. :)

  2. OK, what the heck. I read your blog *almost* daily and I just realized I wasn't following? Hanging my head in shame!
    Anywho...great vlog. You are a fun person and it really shows through!
    Thank you for your kind comments on the latest addiction I have! Have a happy Sunday!

  3. You did great, Lish! Love your first VLOG and giveaway :D Muse rocks for sure - just started listening to them from my brother btw.

  4. Im your Texas fan...don't have a blog yet.. i really... really like your blog its like one of my favorites and i visit everyday ... ok on the music i'd like to listen to Miranda Lambert(the house that built me of White Liar.. thanks and by the way its almost therapeutic coming here sorry long comment...:)

  5. Hi Alcia!
    You are a DOLL-BABY!
    Truly you are!
    I loved your VLOG!
    ANd FAB Giveaway!
    I love your pics on you blog!
    Love how BIG they are!
    Having my blog re-designed in July and CAN"T wait to widen it up so I can post really BIG photos! Yeah!
    Glad to see your little water babies are warming up to the WATER/pool!
    I'll pop over to your BLOG Community!
    Thanks for popping by BLooming on Bainbridge!

  6. way to rock out that vlog!! I am WAY too camera shy to do one yet...the short one of me on my blog pulling a winner was bad enough! Yikes! Great giveaway idea too...and you may have talked me into trying for the A list. (sucks in breath)...here we go!

  7. Love it!! You are adorable....very brave to get in front of the camera, I don't know that I could.

    Cool way to get people to try blogfrog, which I am SO glad that I happened to find in some random way. It's a great place!

  8. To my anonymous TX follower: I added that Miranda Lambert song to my country mix. I'll play it for a couple days here and there. It's up right now.

  9. Hey Chica!
    Just stopping in to say howdy and thank you for your faithful friendship and comments! You are a blessing to me!

  10. You're so cute Lish!!! Love it! I am not nearly as photogenic as you and that's why I haven't Vlogged yet. Great idea! Perhaps you'd like to do a GUEST POST on TBC about vlogging? hint, hint?


    Congrats! I never thought when I responded to one of your early posts about something with blogger problems that we'd become such great bloggy friends...the world is strange, and God, whatever one you believe in, works in mysterious ways :)

  11. There is no reason for you to be uncomfortable...you're adorable! :)

  12. Hey Lish! What an honest and heartfelt vlog post! Congrats on having so many followers -- you deserve it and more! Have a great week! Dawn

  13. Alrighty I am gonna give your Blogfrog challenge a try! Fun! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  14. You are just too stinkin' cute for words. lol It was great to see you in person, sort of. You did great! I have yet to get on camera. I'm nervous enough just getting on Skype! lol Great giveaway. :) Hope you've had a great weekend. Sorry about being MIA. My hubby had one day off in the last two weeks so it's been really stressful around here. Anyway, have a great week.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  15. OH my goodness you know how excited i got when i read you replied .. see i told you im your fan..:) i feel like a teenager so excited i had to tell my 10yr old..she was like really you wrote that? Thankyou so much and you can play any kind of music i just love your blog ... Ok you probably wondering who this person is well since i don't have a blog i tell you a little about me SAHM to 6 i know 6 adore my kids,all the way from deep south TX. 32.. hispanic american /thankyou aww listening to that song The House That Built ME, wich i think goes with your blog.. WOW LONGEST COMMENT.:)


  17. Oh, now why would you go and say you're a fool on this vlog???

    You are as sweet as sugar.

    and that is what makes you so adorable, you don't even know that you are.

    Truly cute as all get out.

  18. It's also so comforting ? Therapeutic...I'll be like having my morning coffee and reading oh and i turn up the music and do my dishes lol It's funny because my MIL name is also Alicia but they call Lisha in spanish .. also cute. What else i don't want to forget.If you had a garage sale i'd be the first one there...fan or follower..im both!:)

  19. Well done Alicia! I didn't see that you were nervous at all.
    I tell you a secret: my blogs are going to move to WP soon. When I'm over there I'll join your blogfrog.
    Before that I visit your blog and leave comments - that's what all bloggers love most, right?! :)
    Have a great Monday!


  20. Do I need to leave a comment also to be entered? I started the photoshop discussion!


    (make sure and stop by over at my place...I'm having my first giveaway too!)

  21. Alicia - Thanks for the information! I started a few discussions today in your blogfrog community. Will those count toward the challenge or did they need to be started yesterday?

    As for the comments, I am (and have been) desperately trying to figure out a way to either change the color of the font, bold or something. For some reason the css code seems to be linked to the tag code as well so if I can it, all of it changes which doesn't make it any easier to find. I'm still new at the whole custom coding so it could be me, but I really, really want to change it!! I just don't know how?? Any suggestions? There is also one other thing I want to change when you go to the comment section. I don't like how it comes up with the author information box, but I can't figure out how to remove it. Ugh. The joys of learning something new.

  22. Your blog is amazing!!!

    Looks like you had a lot of fun minus the gulps of water yuckie! you and your family are beautiful!...

    Im a new follower :):)

  23. Love your vlog!!! Gives me the inspiration to do one of my own.... Fears and jitters get in the way...