Project Smile

If you haven't yet heard about my Project Smile, let me give you the condensed version.

Life is too short to let life's annoyances get the best of us or be depressed.

This project is about finding our smiles in spite of the hiccups and the heartaches.

But I don't want this to be a chore. I REPEAT, I don't want this to be a chore.

I don't want you to feel like it's yet another thing on your list of things to do.

Just mentally be present in your life. Be aware. Pay attention. Enjoy the moments. Don't take life for granted. And jot notes in your head. Or your smartphone, whichever works for you.

There are really no rules.

A Beatiful Mess

If you want to grab this button I'd love it, but no pressure.

I have no set guidelines for how to do it. You can pick your level of commitment to the project. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Every other month. Or not at all. You can share as many or as few smiles as you want. You choose.

I will be doing it ONCE per month. I'll provide a linky the last day of every month, starting Sept 30th when I will share my smiles.

I'd love for you to stop by and join me, but no pressure. If you can't get around to it, don't sweat it. Maybe I'll catch ya the next month.

This is about finding our smiles. Being happy. Enjoying life...

Smiles come in all forms. Some are outward while others just give you that warm fuzzy feeling. Even for just a moment.

As I've perused through my wordless wednesday linkups the last couple weeks, I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see so many of my Project Smile buttons scattered around the blogosphere, knowing that you have accepted the challenge and are actively seeking out your smiles.

I found two posts that made me smile from ear to ear. (And if I missed yours please share your link. I'd love it.)

Ty from Ty's Adventures shared her take on project smile when it first launched the end of August. She wrote a short, colorful blurb and her excitement is contagious. She even sent out a tweet.

Helen from Lady Helen has an entire blog dedicated to finding joy in life. Her smile crusade post made my day.

Thanks ladies! Smiles are contagious.

So, please join Ty, Helen and I (and all the others) on this crusade. Let's make the world brighter, one smile at a time.

What are you smiling about these days?


  1. I like this a lot....I was just thinking tonight on my run - Stacey you have so much to be happy about - focus focus focus on the good...and then I read your blog post...perfect to document all the smiles I get in my weeks....Thanks Alicia!

  2. I will try to commit mentally to this! I promise you that! I thank you again for reminding me to be present and remember what matters in life:)

  3. so it doesn't have to be smiles, but things that bring us joy??

  4. Very alluring button...I am thinking about it.

  5. Guess what? I'm smiling RIGHT NOW!


  6. Alicia,

    I think this is wonderful. With the craziness of back to school, I missed the original post. Ironic, as I needed to be reminded to take it easy! I would love to participate. And if I can ever figure out how to put things on my new blog, I would even take your button.

    Thanks for the smile.
    (formerly 38Traci)

  7. Love it! I'm smiling about the break in the intense Texas heat :)

  8. I am looking forward to reading these other posts! Smiles are a good thing and remembering to think of all the good in our lives is really important especially on the hard days! Hope your weekend has been a great one!

  9. I'm still keeping track of the little things that make me happy everyday, and Lish, I've gotta tell ya...this has been a fantastic thing for me to do to brighten my mood :) Thanking for coming up with it and I can't wait to post every month!!

  10. LOVE this idea! I'm marking my calendar...

  11. Oh my gosh! I loved this when I read about it in August and decided to join in and then completely forgot in amongst getting caught up in my current frustrations - so thank you so much for this post to remind me to look for the things that make me smile, I so need it currently!

  12. I'm looking forward to seeing what and how others share their "smiles".

  13. Thank you for this! I saw this on a friend's site at Honesty (who is a follower of yours) and I did it today on my blog! It made me smile!