Project Smile: November

Before I start, I just want to invite you to join me. I'd love nothing more than to hear what is making you smile these days. I think smiles are contagious and can have a powerful ripple effect for good in our lives.

Also, I've been a bit MIA and am making up for lost time. If you missed DIY Christmas Cards, Freebies, and More or my Tasty Tuesdays Bloghop make sure to swing by. A little something for everyone.

Ok, back to Project Smile. Here goes. Ahem...

The days are shorter. The clouds are thicker. The air is cooler. And smiles are harder and harder to come by, at least for me. I think it's time to migrate south for the winter. But this is the exact reason that Project Smile was born.

Thankfully I have 2 crazy kids that know just the right tricks. I mean come on, how could this not make you smile?


Other things that curled my lips up this month include:

1. Not having to make Thanksgiving dinner. Doesn't it taste better when it isn't your own cooking? (Or is that just me?)

2. Celebrating 18 years with hubs by dining cheap and crashing early. What can I say? We're old.

3. Smelling soap in Little Man's hair. Trust me, these days are rare.

4. A giant zit finally kicking the bucket after 3+ weeks. So long, sucker.

5. Hubs making an organizer for my necklaces and not having to part with any. Yah me!

6. My sis giving me some sa-weet brand new Steve Madden boots. Score.

7. My new bangs rock. Makes life easier most days.

8. The kids being so quiet on the 8 hour drive home from KY that I nearly fell asleep driving. Seriously, quiet as church mice. Also rare. No worries- caffeine to the rescue.

9. Seeing my 11 year old boy skipping with neighbor kids. Skipping! Then getting his first zit. Gotta love those tween years.

10. Gopopgo's response to my deforestation post, "Deforestation? Did you really use -that- particular word to describe your hair removal? Dear God, Alicia. I hope they brought out the big guns for that!"

11. Pokey and Little Man completing what looks like a burial plot they call a hole. You'll have to just take my word for it. Plus gobs of other Reasons to Laugh.

12. And last but certainly not least... scared to even say it out loud but this is the furthest we've ever gotten in the home selling process. Here goes. Ready? Sitting down? We signed closing papers today with a notary and overnighted them to the title company. Keep your fingers crossed!! If you missed any of that story, you can get the latest version here. They tell us we could be done at week's end. Ok, exhale now Alicia.

That's all I've got for now. I plan to do this Project Smile the next few months. (I post the last day of the month and keep the linky open for a week.) And will end come spring. If you would like to join just grab the button and link up. No rules. Anything goes. Stories, lists, photos, you name it. I have yet to have one the same. Last month I shared a photo for every day. It was a little too reminiscent of my daily Project 365, but it is nice to look back and remember all the beautiful things in my life.

You can find my previous Project Smile posts here.

And by the way, it's never too late to smile. Despite all of life's hiccups and heartaches, there really are smiles to be found. Sometimes we have to open our eyes and actively seek them out, but they are there. I promise you that much.

I'm gonna keep it short because I haven't seen my hubs in a week and according to him I'm way too wordy anyways. And although I do believe that men's attention spans are about as much as a toddler at times (1 minute for every year rule), I'm in need of a little R&R, maybe even some TV time, so here's to few words and lots of smiles...

A Beatiful Mess

This linky will be open for one week until Tuesday, December 7th at 11:59 PM. I know life is crazy busy right now, but all the more reason to stop and reflect on all the smiles. Please join me on my smile crusade.


  1. Oh muh goodness! I have to smell my son's hair after he bathes just to check if he actually used shampoo! So glad that I'm not the only one.

    Yay about the closing papers! Crossing my fingers for you guys!

  2. Congrats on the closing papers... hope it does go all the way! Love all the links to previous posts. Your son's Big Orange Smile is the cutest! Thanks for doing this!

  3. So happy it is time to share again! Love you smiles and miss your face!

    So happy to hear about your closing papers too. I hope this means the end of that nightmare for you all! Wishing you the best holiday season!

  4. Hey Lish I'll be linking up next week! Hardly getting any computer time with MIL here and birthday party season on. Off tomorrow morning for a mystery weekend - 3 kid-free nights while MIL babysits. Wahoo. I have no clue where we are going, but I DO know I will need my passport. BIG SMILES there!

  5. I love his orange smile! That made me smile. Congratulations about the house! Awesome news! I totally agree about food tasting so much better when we don't have to cook it. One million times better : )

  6. I LOVE Project Smile – glad it’s that time of month again! Love the photos of your son - and the hole to China (which reminds me of my son growing up, adding lots of smiles with his quirky projects… )! I added my Raising Figure Skaters “Flash Mob Smiles” today and will be adding a post from It Starts With Us on Friday. It'll be about Project Smile!

  7. I love your smiles!! And the orange makes me want to go cut an orange up for Tater!

    Go Pop Go ALWAYS makes me smile - he's a good guy to know :)

  8. I love his fruity smile! My boys love to do that too! Happy be-lated anniversary, too! and congrats on signing papers, fingers, toes & eyes crossed for you! ~hugs, Faythe~GMT

  9. I am so excited for your #12... my fingers, toes, legs, arms and eyes are crossed for you!!

    Love the orange smiles. :)

  10. By the way, what is up with adult acne. Your #4 cracked me up.

    And yay for you and being able to pull off bangs. I have had them 3x in my life and it's always a disaster!

  11. My Nov smiles are posted! I'll be back this evening after work to check out everyone's smiles.

    Alicia your photos made me smile. Orange wedge antics are universal :)

  12. Getting rid of a stubborn zit, new Steve Madden boots that were FREE and not having to cook Thanksgiving dinner? Tons of serious smiles there! :) I'll be playing along and linking up before the linky disappears. I've been keeping notes this month! Thanks for sharing your smiles, Lish.

  13. Glad it made you smile. It made me horrified. So has the Amazon been thoroughly deforested?!

  14. So nice! Thanks for sharing your smiles! I´m looking forward to my son´s zits (He is almost 11.) ;o)
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hug´s, Verena

  15. FINALLY!!! I'm linked up. All smiley in November. xx

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